Tale of Two Sisters: Alice and Tabitha

While filming our documentary in Kenya in February 2020, we got to meet Alice, an 8th grader who was rescued 5 years before at age 9 who quickly learned how to read and write to catch up with her age group at school.

Today Alice is one of the top students and teachers think Alice is destined to become a doctor because she has top grades in Math and Science.
After our interview, Alice mentioned she had a sister Tabitha who was about to turn 9 and was worried her father had already planned a marriage for her. She pleaded with me to try and rescue her. Knowing that it would cost $200 for a girl to be rescued and sent to school, I pleaded with my Kinnernet friends whom I met at a conference in Italy if anyone would like to sponsor Tabitha’s education and Sanjiv Kumar responded with $200. This is Alice thanking Mr. Kumar for helping rescue her sister and sending her to school to join Alice at Kajiado Primary School from February.