About Us

Since 2005, a group of heroic women and men in Kenya have been joining forces to rescue girls from child marriage. The practice of young girls marrying has been done for centuries in many cultures across the world. In parts of Kenya, girls are married off by their fathers in exchange for cows. Because of climate change and drought, cows are dying and the fathers marry off their daughters younger and younger to replenish cows and cattle they’ve lost. We believe each girl is worth more than any amount of cows. Being married at a young age starves girls of their future. Once married, they are removed from their families, are not given an education, and start bearing children too young which is often harmful to their bodies.
Once the girls are rescued (age 7-13 usually), they need to be placed in a school, where they also live and spend most of their time, are protected and given the freedom to learn, live, create and thrive. We plan on raising funds until they go to college, work and can decide for themselves how to live their lives.